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3D-Printed Alignment Tool for workpieces

I needed some help to get my workpieces reliable aligned for some batch processing of several workpieces. Assuming you are not moving your printer, but just swapping out workpieces which will receive the identical laser-engraving/cutting, this little helper did the trick for me:



  • Print in either PLA or ABS
  • glue to your work-plate (i use a single, big bathroom tile as safe workplate)
  • Align your laser home position into the center of the little hole (use only laser focus strenght)
  • move Laser up in either only X or Y direction (using the GUI), re-adjust work-plate so laser is following the Alignment tool
  • place workpiece so its lower left corner fits into Alignment tool nicely
  • laser/engrave…repeat

3D STL and STEP files

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