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3D-Printed Alternative fixed Feet

These are some alternative fixed (70mm height) feet for MrBeam. I had issues with the wooden sticks slipping during operation and not keeping a reliable and equal height in general. Since I did not need the adjustments of the wooden feet (I either adjust by moving the whole MrBeam assembly up/down, or by moving the workpiece up/down), I created fixed feet which can be attached with screws to MrBeam. No hardware changes on MrBeam are necessary, and you easily can revert back if necessary.


Alternative Foot assembledAlternative Foot


  • Print 4 of them with 25% infill (I used PLA).
  • Print also 4 of the top plates (print them with 100% infill, upside-down and you will need to add some support under the screw-hole).
  • Get 4 Thread-Forming 410 Stainless Steel Screw for Brittle Plastic, Pan Head, 6-19 Thread, 5/8“ Length (since the printed holes might vary on your printer, you might need to adjust or try thinner/different screws)
  • Replace the wooden feet with the printed feet, secure them with top-plate and screw, done.

3D STL and STEP files

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