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What about safety?

You have to take care about certain safety arrangements before and while using the laser cutter and engraver.

Safety Glasses

Please make sure yourself and other people in the area of use wear safety glasses at all time. Be sure that your safety glasses are blocking your laser's wavelength. Good quality glasses have an imprint with the blocked wavelength and the optical density.


Furthermore, only use it in a well - ventilated area and keep it away from children and other people who are not familiar with using such a machine. Do not use it in the vicinity of pets or animals. Also take into consideration that some materials might develop toxic fumes and that you therefore don’t want to process them.

Fire Risk

Place a fire extinguisher and/or a fire blanket within reach.

Never leave the room when Mr Beam is lasering. Never operate Mr Beam unattended.

Always use Mr Beam with maximum attention and responsibility. Many thanks!

Where can I get a laser?

Laser diodes are available at several specialized shops (DE US UK) or at ebay.

Is Mr Beam meant for commercial use?

First of all, Mr Beam is a DIY kit. You have to assemble it by your own and it is mainly meant for hobbyists, makers and tinkerers. So far, we finished our 3rd prototype which is working very well, but at the moment we can not make any statements about the durability of the laser diode or long term performance. If you still plan to use Mr Beam commercially, please also consider and maintain the industrial health and safety standards of your country, as well as our information about safety. Please inform yourself about the legal situation in advance. To avoid disappointment and wrong expectations on your side, we would like you to be aware of those facts.

What Software/Drivers are required to operate Mr Beam?

None at all! Mr Beam is operated via a web interface. This means you don’t need to install drivers on your PC, Mac or Linux system. Additionally you can use your tablet or smartphone as well. You just type the IP address of Mr Beam into your browser. From there you can select your motifs and control the start the cutting/engraving process.

What file type is supported?

Create your motifs as SVG vector graphic files. The free Inkscape ( or Adobe Illustrator are common programs for that. On the iPad the app InkPad might be a good choice (we did not try it). Additionally you can search the openclipart library (…) for SVG files as well.

For photo engraving almost any bitmap file type works: jpg, png, bmp, …

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