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Material safety list

In the list below various materials are listed regarding if it is safe to cut/engrave them respectively what toxic substances are generated when burning this materials.

If you have information regarding safety fore some materials, please add them. Especially useful would be some info from people who have in depth knowledge in chemistry!

A nice overview is available on the Austin ATX Hackerspace website :

Column description

Material Material Description Toxic? User Comment Source
general material name more precise description yes or no name of user who entered this line comments regarding what toxic substances are generated, … Source of information (link, …)

Material list

Material Material Description Toxic? User Comment Source
paper plain office paper no daniel_s should be safe, only “normal” smoke will be generated ???
PVC polyvinyl chloride, eg. as foil, … yes daniel_s if PVC burns, HCl (hydrochloric acid: toxic irritant) and dioxin (toxic carcinogenic) are generated Wikipedia article about PVC, section “Dioxins”
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