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Software Releases

Arduino Firmware / grbl

Mr Beam Shield grbl source on Github: source, binary, (download it with right click → save as)

Raspberry Pi Image

Latest Release (1.2.2-jessie, released July. 12th 2016)

Checksums (on the zip file) :
  • SHA1: a65e3909c5979f68f884bf8f056c741349f5f5be
  • MD5: f2f9e82901f92372a1bdf168bce6bb38


The SD-Card image is a modified Raspian jessie image. It's created via the OctoPi script (Github), originally written by Guy Sheffer, preinstalled with our webinterface (forked from OctoPrint), converter scripts and some other software modules. This image is now compatible with the newest raspberry Pi 3.


For software required to flash the Raspberry Pi image or Arduino hex etc, see our installation instructions.

If things don't work as expected:

1.2.2-jessie (released July. 12th 2016)

Checksums (on the zip file) :
  • SHA1: a65e3909c5979f68f884bf8f056c741349f5f5be
  • MD5: f2f9e82901f92372a1bdf168bce6bb38

Features :

  • Text in SVG (you can now engrave native text without converting it to path)
  • Works with Raspberry Pi 3 (not testet with with RPi 2 but should also work)
  • and a lot of smaller bug fixes

1.2.2 (released Nov. 20th 2015)

Checksums (on the zip file) :
  • SHA1: e724351e7135a36cb1b86be520338ef5db9f1be9
  • SHA384: beba82e98c01a9872ee48f03b1761376af13e6d0576e4689ee71df860b92265fdcf5fd19a6808d693c8b6951a4894c64

Features :

  • Filled areas
  • Photo rotation
  • Real time adjustments
  • Camera support
  • Bug-fixes and performance improvements

Beta 1.2.2 (released Sept. 16th 2015)

Download: Beta 1.2.2

Checksums (on the zip file) :
  • SHA1: d47f377e23adfc362ae8a54aa580a48f70e51519
  • SHA384: 25da0d818b0a1c51ceede3b465dbfea950bc649c62c1f13a3bf996ef986582ecc40f9d2ec8ad5412c81d7af94d7aad78

Features :

  • Photo Engraving
  • Autoflashing GRBL firmware on the Arduino
  • Progress bar for slicing
  • Move, scale and rotate designs (Hold the Shift key to snap angle and scale, rotate does not work on photos yet)
  • Notification of designs exceeding the working area with auto-fit feature
  • Preloaded designs for calibration purposes
  • Updated our codebase to OctoPrint 1.2.2

Beta 1.1 (released Apr. 14th 2015)

Beta 1 (released Feb. 20th 2015)

Checksums (on the zip file) :
  • SHA1: 27f9361d9664ed91724efe0a06932901af2e380b
  • SHA384: ae9671a26db5a8448db000509e07511c4fafc82aedff792d582c177c00224941fe44ec9b77c96a299ef97920e1f7e504

Features :

  • integrated update support. No need to re-flash you SD-Card.
  • preview of the working area
  • gcode preview
  • lots of bugfixes, especially in the slicer.

Alpha 3 (released Dec. 23th 2014)

Release notes: Bugfix release. The following issues were addressed:

  • improved display network status information (LAN IP)
  • reduced waiting time after initial WiFi setup
  • no timeout when starting job (unsupported command M110 removed)
  • focus disable button added
  • fan controls working now

Alpha 2

Release date: 25.11.2014

Alpha 1

Release date: 24.11.2014

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