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Welcome to the Mr Beam

Your friendly OpenSource Laser Engraver/Cutter

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What is Mr Beam

With the Mr Beam kit, you can build your own laser cutter and engraver.

Explore new ways to express your creativity: Cut your own designs from paper, adhesive foil (custom stickers!) or other materials with the power of light. Decorate surfaces like wood and leather and personalize your belongings with an engraving.

Our main goal is to make laser cutters easy to use, portable and enjoyable for everyone!

The kit includes all parts required to get you started. Mr Beam is run by open source software and is easy to use.

Assembly & Documentation

You just received your Kickstarter Mr Beam Kit? Start reading & assembling:

For the Hacker's Pledge and Shield rewards, take a look a the shield documentation:


The software consists of two modules: The SD-Card image for the web interface and the Arduino Firmware, our fork from the grbl project. Both can be found on the

Mr Beam Software Releases


Hall of Fame

Find a list of all of our awesome Kickstarter supporters in our Hall Of Fame

Safety Note

Certain safety arrangements need to be followed before and while using the laser cutter and engraver.

  • Never operate your Mr Beam buildup unattended!
  • Ensure that you and other people in the area wear safety glasses at all times.
  • Use only in a well ventilated area as some materials can emit toxic fumes.
  • Keep it away from children, pets or animals and other people who are not familiar with using such a machine.
  • Keep a fire extinguisher and/or a fire blanket within reach.

Always use Mr Beam with maximum attention and responsibility.

Where can I get a Mr Beam

Check the availability at our Shop:



In general Mr Beam does not need much maintainance.

  • Keep the linear ball bearings lubricated to avoid friction from the rubber seals
  • Always check the timing belts for enough tension
  • Clean the lens from time to time. For those who have disassembled it check the lens manual (thanks Romero).

Tutorials / Practical Knowledge

Open Source

The whole Mr Beam design is open source. Find out more...


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